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> Turkish Herpetological Society
> Societas Europaea Herpetologica (SEH)
> AmphibiaWeb
> Amphibian Species of the world
> Global Amphibian Assesment
> Reptile Database

> Free Spatial Data
> WORLDCLIM (Global Climate Data)

WorldClim is a set of global climate layers (climate grids) with a spatial resolution of about 1 square kilometer. The data can be used for mapping and spatial modeling in a GIS or with other computer programs. If you are not familiar with such programs, you can try DIVA-GIS or the R raster package.
> CMIP5 (Coupled Model Intercomparison Project 5)

CMIP5 is meant to provide a framework for coordinated climate change experiments for the next five years and thus includes simulations for assessment in the AR5 as well as others that extend beyond the AR5
> CODEX (CORDEX: A COordinated Regional climate Downscaling EXperiment)

CORDEX is a WCRP-sponsored program to produce regional climate change scenarios globally, contributing to the IPCC AR5 and to the climate community beyond the AR5.